Training plan question

Hi everyone, the 5 day hypertrophy plan designed to hit a body part once per week like a bro split, isnt it scientifically proven that training a body part twice per week rather than only once is more optimal for strength and hypertrophy gains? can someone explain to me the training plan please?  

How do you track your progression?

Jumping back in the gym after a half-decade hiatus & following Alex’s training plan Have been thinking about tracking progression and session days, there’s a lot of different movements to track and I don’t want this to become unenjoyable. How and where do you keep track of your exercise progression and session days? Would like […]

beginner Ab workout

For some reason during the whole year of going to the gym I’ve been a bit of a pussy and haven’t touched abs at all I’m now coming to the realisation that my ab strength is absolutely pathetic I thought it would be good to incorporate to the end of my workout in hopes of […]


Any tips for training forearms I’ve put on 27kg since I started going to the gym and my Forearms have pretty much stayed the same size and it’s pretty pathetic 

Favourite Supersets/Circuits!

Whats good RET FAM! Wanted to get some ideas from you guys for some superset and circuit ideas, got a reasonably heavy (for me) 20kg KB for lockdown and want some fast but effective supersets to do in between work and breaks at home! I struggle to do a long 45-1hr session at home so […]

Neck training

Does anyone implement neck training in their workouts? I have seen images of Channing Tatum and rugby players with their thick neck appearance removed. It looks hilarious 😂; I believe the neck can make a person’s physique look larger than it actually is :0.    Anyone do this at all? (thick neck, no girth no […]

Progressive OVL and Failure

Hey bois,    Wanted to ask you guys what your approach was on progressive overload, is there a specific percentage weight increase you guys try to strive for every week? And if so do you mainly focus progressive overload on all of your lifts or just compound lifts?  And my question about going to failure […]


Hey RET Fam, I was just wondering how many weeks into your cut (say you went on a 12 week cut) would you start taking yohimbine? I’m keen hear everyones opinion and thoughts on this.

Lockdown Training

What’s up fam. Just curious as to how you lot have been coping with training during lockdown. We’ve got some decent equipment that we’re fortunate to have, but it definitely doesn’t compare to a gym environment.  How’s things for you? any of you not trained at all??