body dysmorphia

Hey what’s good RET fam. Myself and many other lads I know struggle immensely with body dysmorphia. I think it’s a topic that is not brought up anywhere near enough. In many of my friends eyes I’ve achieved the sort of physique that they would dream of having. However whatever muscle I seem to put […]

How to write out book summaries/take-ins

Just recently taken the jump into reading a book a week, and am on the fifth. Note-taking currently consists of highlighting certain paragraphs or phrases then sticky-noting the page for later reference. I’ve seen mentioned by both Mo and another creator, that they write summaries out on the books they’ve read. It sounds like this […]

Jungian Psychology

Started looking into Carl jungs psychology principles and it’s really caught my interest. Anybody got any decent recommendations on videos, books or studies around the principles for both a decent starting point and/or a deep dive?

Stoic Week 1 Completed!

What’s good guys!  Week 1 of the Stoic Challenege is complete. The efforts you guys have put in already has been insane, so a big shout out to you all.  Where your biggest take away’s/benefits that you got from week 1? let us know below!   However, a new week has begun and that means […]


Yo! Let’s start a thread of book reccomendations below. Anything you read or suggestion stick it in so others can check it out. I’ll start with 3 on my to read list:    – The Gulag Archipeligo / Jordan Peterson  – Tip of The Spear / Ryan Henderickson  – The Icarus Deception: How High Will You […]


What’s good people! I’m sure if you’re here, you’ve at least been tempted to read more. I’ve definitely slacked this year through sheer laziness but I’m aiming to pull a Mo and come back next year and read a couple of books a month at least! With that in mind, I’ve come up with a […]

Book Recommendations

If I had penny every time I’m asked what books I’d recommend, I’d be 37p richer. All seriousness, books have changed my life. I’m convinced it’s the way of getting ahead.   I tend to gravitate towards philosophy and psychology –   Here’s a few recommendations: The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem – Sentences in this […]