Cutting off people

Just wanted to post this on here as others may be in a similar postion and need help. Over the course of about 5 months ive been seeing a girl, i caught feelings for her however she wanted something strictley casual. This went on for a long time and without me knowing it was lowering […]

Long Distance

Hey guys just needed help on something. I was seeing a girl for a month or so but she’s recently gone to uni that’s about an hour away from where I live. Whilst we were seeing each other I caught feelings however she said she didn’t. We’re still speaking now and planning on meeting but […]

What Book Are you Reading Currently?

What’s good fam,  Using this thread as an opportunity for people to share their current read’s, so that those looking for something new can get some good ideas, so post yours below in the comments. I’m currently finishing up Rich Dad Poor Dad, great little entry point into the world of finance and the stuff […]

What Scares You?

No matter how big or small, physical or mental, what are your 3 biggest fears in life?    1 – Drowning, although it would be peaceful that shit scares me. I can send jumps, but I’m more fearful of the rough sea. 2 – A common one, but lying on my deathbed and saying to […]


Alright people, you let us know.  What festivals are you going to be hitting up this year? let’s get some meet-ups arranged and make some sick memories. If all goes ahead thta is. Which it better do, or else.  Fire away!

Morning routine ๐Ÿ›

Sup RET fam, Hope you guys are doing all good and are still sane throughout this lockdown period ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ. Not sure is this has been discussed yet but i wanted to tell you guys my opinion about morning routines and how I find them very significant in the starting my day off right and also […]

2021 MEETUPS – What city/country are you from?

What’s on guys. As you’re well aware, 2020 was a complete write-off and threw a lot of the sick plans we had for RET down the shitter, a massive one being arranging mad meetups/events with you guys. Regardless, we move on and look towards a new year with hopefully new opportunities.  SO, leave a comment […]