Where we at?

Whats on Lads! I’ve noticed that this space has been mostly crickits since January.Is there a new community space I should know about?Is this community coming back? Looking forward to seeing you lads keep on striving to better yourselves,Stay strong, Keep being great, and remember DO SOMETHING NOT NOTHING Cheers,

2022 GOALS

What is good people!   It’s been a while since posting i’ve posted in here, can confirm i’m not dead.  Let’s talk goals, specifically what are your goals for 2022? If you haven’t thought of anything, maybe now is the time.  Share them in here, you never know there may be someone in the RET […]

How to balance training and going out at uni?

Right lads I recently started uni and its obviously freshers week so ive dropped off training a lot and im not sure how to balance it with going out and socialising. On one hand i want to stay training and all that however i feel like i have to go out to make friends and […]

How do you surround yourself with the right people?

You are the average of the 5 people you spend your most of the time with… your environment will determine your success…     I came to a realization that my current friends are no good for me and that they are slowly changing in a bad way. And that led me to the question:how […]


Now that Summer has begun and places/events are slowly opening I’m wanting to make good impressions, especially when meeting new people!  Obviously appearence is a massive factor in achieving this, so I was wanting to have a discussion about style/clothing that can help improve physical appearence and attract others. Usually I stick to basics, with […]

Meeting New People

Hi RET FAM. my name is Alec & I’m 24 running my own plumbing & heating business but I’m very quiet person / keep to myself a lot of the time due to work & also I’ve got a slight stutter / speech impediment. If anyone lives near Nottingham & wants to train / invite […]


What fitness/social media influencers do you want to see join us on the podcast?   We have some in the cool guests coming up already, but fire away with some suggestions!

Books for 2021.

At the start of the year i set myself the goal of one book a week. Considering i only started reading around 6 months ago this will be a huge achievement when i complete this goal. So far I just started my third book, so I am on track to complete. Any book recomendations? These […]