The Rise of Weak Men

Men’s testosterone levels have been declining for a decade.

A 2007 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed a “substantial” drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, with average levels declining by about 1% per year.

Today’s men, it seems, are less manly than ever. But why?

With the lack of competitiveness in today’s world of apparent ‘toxic masculinity’; The plastics found in packaged food, the instant access to porn, dating apps, social media, and entertainment, men overall have become weaker.

There is no clear direction, no immediate war to fight, and no reason to go out into the world and slay the dragon.

‘When a man lacks purpose he distracts himself with pleasure.’

– Victor Frankl

Why bother when you could slay that dragon virtually through video games, all in the comfort of your parent’s house?

‘But Alex, what’s wrong with living with my parents? Today’s economy and inflation have made it near impossible to move out.’

Because it’s what living at home with your parents symbolizes – Failure to take off; To leave the nest; To become fully independent, and actualize the potential you have as a man.

The 3 Masculine Attributes

Aside from making moving out your top priority, remind yourself to live by your masculine attributes:

Courage – Stand head-on with your fears and move through them. Get back up when knocked down. This is why men often like movie scenes in which the protagonist repeatedly gets up after being knocked down. There is something innate in you that relates to and respects this.

Mastery – Develop your skills, specifically with your hands. Is it any wonder why women find men who possess practical DIY skills attractive?

Strength – Back in tribal times, physical strength meant you could carry more resources, making you of great value to the tribe as a whole. It’s no coincidence that strength is a key character of your stereotypical masculine man.

When you begin to live by your nature truly, life becomes much clearer. You become stronger; you provide structure to society by leading, providing, and staying on your mission.

The Need For Masculine men

Society needs structure to exist and function. We need both polarities – Yin and Yang, Chaos & Order, Negative & Positive for this to happen. The fabric of the universe itself is compiled of opposites. Opposites attract and give structure, and so does Masculine and Feminine energy.

This is why, typically, feminine women will be strongly attracted to highly masculine men. Opposites attract.

Men lead. They protect those around them. They’re strong, dependable, and take action.

What you can do:

  • Physical Training – Get yourself active. It doesn’t even have to be gym-based. But use what nature has given you. You were built for physical activity, you were designed to lead and hunt. Training helps grow your masculine frame – Not just physically but mentally and also hormonally – Testosrone.

  • Environment – Get competitive. Surround yourself with other driven, masculine men. Studies in epigenetics show that we are a product of are enviroment, including the people we surround ourselves with. This is thought to be a survival mechanism – You don’t want to be the weakest in a group.

  • Say No – Although not absolutes, generally speaking men tend to be more disagreeable and inversely, woman agreeable. This is because of Testosterone’s role on aggression and assertiveness. By learning to say no more often, you’re encouraging behaviour that requires you to go towards potention conflict and assert yourself as the winner.

  • Get some goals – Having clear goals will allow you to channel your masculine energy. Stay on your mission and try to provide value to society.

  • Self-improve – Meditate, practice self-discipline, no-fap. Improving yourself, even just marginally every day, will have you become the man you were supposed to be. With the power of the ‘Compound Effect’ you can expect to only get better with age.

  • Be Courageous – Take risk. Confront your fears. Travel in to the depths of uncertainy and prevail. You were designed to seek new land, to lead, to protect. See fear as an opportunity for growth; to be a man.

‘Hard times create strong men, strong men create weak times, weak times create weak men’

G. Michael Hopf
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Ethan kernos
1 year ago

this is a good one

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