Get Out of Your Rut

You lack meaning. You don’t like you who you are; what you’ve become. You’re living the same day, day in day out. You my friend, are in a rut. This sucks. But what good does beating yourself up do about it? Everybody experiences ruts, but what differentiates people is how quickly they recognize they’re in […]

You Are a Slave

Picture this: You’re in a queue. You stand there patiently waiting for the line to go down, but for what feels like minutes, has in fact been only mere seconds. This is painful. And so In a split second, you make the automatic decision to reach in to your pants and pull out your 5.5 […]

Should You Do No Fap?

Stop. Hear me out. As a sceptic, I take everything with a pinch of salt, especially when it comes to claims that refraining from bangin’ one out will grant you superpowers in the form of increased confidence, focus, drive, improved baseline of mood and several other benefits. After coming across several self help ‘gurus’ on […]

Binge Eating Part 1

Is it any coincidence that food challenges like the 10k calorie challenge are often perpetuated by fitness youtubers? Obviously, these types of videos do well in terms of engagement – which is partly the reason they do it – but I’d venture to say they’re also using it as an excuse to binge. With social […]