Hey RET Fam,

I was just wondering how many weeks into your cut (say you went on a 12 week cut) would you start taking yohimbine?

I’m keen hear everyones opinion and thoughts on this.

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Lou Wright
1 year ago

Been taking it for quite a while throghout my cut if I was gonna do it again would deffo start taking around 6 weeks in, started v early to optimise results but the body builds a tolerance to it extremely quickly

Cian Daly
1 year ago

If it were me, and I was planning a 12 week cut I’d start taking it maybe 4 weeks in, and run it on a 2 weeks on 1 week off basis. The first couple of weeks are the easiest as the body gets a shock being in a deficit and from maybe seeing more cardio than it’s used to, so the weight flies off initially, so yohimbine can be used as a tool when the body adjusts to its new routine of being in a deficit. Mo posted a really informative article on the matter on here a while back also, def check that out!!

Tom Stockton
1 year ago

I would generally recommend implementing it once the fat loss phase gets a bit tougher/weight loss slows and calories get lower. It’s a pretty gnarly stimulant so it’s great to utilise when you want to bash out a load of steps/low intensity cardio. But If you can cut without it, then do so!

Joshua Simpson
1 year ago

Have anyone heard of boldine? I heard that it is a great alternative without the side effects

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