What’s everyone’s goals for 2021

Interested in what everyone wants to progress in / achieve in the new year.

I had planned to quit smoking in 2021 but I managed to quit cigs and vaping at the beginning of December.



  • Plan on getting my trade visa for Australia
  • Complete a course for an extra qualification
  • Hopefully move across to Australia 
  • Achieve a leaner looking physique 
  • Focus more on training legs
  • Read 6+ books
  • Be more organised and more routined.

Going back into Tier 4 but trying to go into the new year with positive vibes ✌🏼

Merry Christmas and Happy New year RET 



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Joshua Simpson
1 year ago

Get it bro! I will be getting a full-time job, Invest and learn Forex, Read as many books as I can, gain 15kg, be more family-orientated and buy a car.

Ben Smith
1 year ago

Yes my G! Big goals for 2021! I’ll be looking to read a book a week, start to meditate again and drop 30+lbs. Promotion at work is also on the cards providing the right opportunity turns up!

Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Solid goals mate! Make sure you keep us posted. Might not be the best start to 2021, but you’ve got the RET fam.

Lou Wright
1 year ago

Pass driving test, become a qualified pt, read 24 books etc, good luck with yours fella.

Alex Demirel
1 year ago

I used to smoke and Vape. If you want to quit, you have to shift your identity and confront your cognitive dissonance as to why you still smoke/vape. It’s the nicotine that’s the issue. I highly recommend the audiobook – The easy way to stop smoking – Alan Carr. No it’s the shit comedian. And it actually does work.

Aaron Kadir
1 year ago
Reply to  Alex Demirel

1 of my goals this year is to quit vaping. I stopped 2 years ago but got hooked again. When I quit last time I ended up craving sugar & couldn’t stop binging on food. Did you get this & how did you manage it?

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