What is the easiest way to bulk? what foods are easy to get anabolic gains on?

Hey guys Im currently 81kg and want to gain 12 kg on a bulk. I also want to eat cleaner because I have really bad body acne (It look like I got roid acne- even though I’m natty) any suggestions?

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Tom Stockton
2 years ago

Hey mate! No specific food is going to be anabolic, only a consistent and decent training plan that progressively overloads (increase in training weight/reps overtime) and a caloric surplus (doesn’t have to be a huge one) will lead to muscle gain.

If by easy you mean foods that are high in calories and easy to get down, then foods like dates, jasmine rice, nut butters, oils, soreen, dried fruits, breads, cereals are calorie dense and easy to consume.

As for your skin, try stay away from shitty processed foods or too many animal fat products that are going to cause an inflammatory response in your body. 80% whole foods, 20% ‘bad’ foods is a good rule of thumb. You may also want to check your dairy intake, a lot of people are lactose intolerant without realising and wonder why they have bad skin. Switch out cow’s milk for almond/soya/coconut milk and reduce your yoghurt and cheese intake.

Hope this helps!

Finn Clive
2 years ago

Peanut butter bagels and banana is my favourite bulking snack so many carbs and fat and a good amount of protein helps me alot to put on weight for context I went from 55kg-84kg in a year and a half

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