What Book Are you Reading Currently?

What’s good fam, 

Using this thread as an opportunity for people to share their current read’s, so that those looking for something new can get some good ideas, so post yours below in the comments.

I’m currently finishing up Rich Dad Poor Dad, great little entry point into the world of finance and the stuff they don’t teach you in school regarding financial literacy. What’s the point in earning good money if you don’t know how to use it/make it work for you? 

Highly recommend!

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Ashton Taylor-Burns
1 year ago

Currently reading 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson

Mo Samuels
1 year ago

Deep Work – Absolute banger

James Bates
1 year ago

Currently reading The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton. It appears that it’s mostly him blowing his own horn but there are some great nuggets in there about the perception of fear and how you can better understand, and control, the feelings that come with it.

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