Stoic Week 1 Completed!

What’s good guys! 

Week 1 of the Stoic Challenege is complete. The efforts you guys have put in already has been insane, so a big shout out to you all. 

Where your biggest take away’s/benefits that you got from week 1? let us know below!


However, a new week has begun and that means a new daily habit; Meditation. 

Check out the new challenege video here:


Let’s have another big week of becoming stoic af

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Ben Smith
2 years ago

Biggest takeaway for me was the anxiety I had about getting in the ice bath because it’s “much worse than a cold shower”… spoiler alert, it was fucking fine!

Took me two days (and a lot of peer pressure from a certain seal/silverback/bladerunner hybrid) to build up the balls too get in it, and after getting in the relief I got was mad! 🤯

That and routine is key 🔑

William Hobday
2 years ago

My biggest take away would definitely be doing a cold shower actually in the morning, had been doing cold showers in the afternoon after I had washed my self in warm water. But the difference of doing it in the moring while washing, just got my day started right woke up every time and gave a bunch of energy to carry on with the morning routine 🤙🏼

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