Operation Optimal Functionality

Today will be day one of my journey to betterment of my ‘Mind and Body’ in preparation for my wedding day 17-04-22, & although this date is set in stone “God willing and the Creek don’t rise! “, this can’t be my end goal!, I’m hoping by fully investing myself on this Platform listening to the advice and training applying myself 100% I hope to achieve a complete lifestyle change with regards to my health and fitness but to also explore, expand and fully open my mindset in the search of Optimal Functionality something which I believe to be a forever moving goal post never to be achieved but alway to be pursued.

Today on day one I have weighed in at an all time heaviest for myself at 20st on the button, I’m a heavy set lad and at 6ft played rugby/football & boxed for years but this is way way to heavy! phase 1 of this journey I hope to aim for 14st by the before mentioned date this is absolutely doable its all on me and now hopefully I’ve put myself out there like this on this platform its going to give me no excuses to do so…..

Thanks to my Bro Tom for helping me set up and look I forward to making him proud 👊

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Mo Samuels
2 years ago


Tom Stockton
2 years ago

Let’s get to work 👊🏻👊🏻

Théo Gandolphe
2 years ago

Good luck mate, you got my support!

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