Long Distance

Hey guys just needed help on something. I was seeing a girl for a month or so but she’s recently gone to uni that’s about an hour away from where I live. Whilst we were seeing each other I caught feelings however she said she didn’t. We’re still speaking now and planning on meeting but the fact she’s going out and potentially seeing other lads is making me feel awful. Any advice or opinions on what I should do would be appreciated.

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Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Sack it off. She’s already stated she didn’t catch the feels, which is fair enough. So you can’t live in hope that she’s going to change her mind, as that will just mess with your head as it already clearly is. It’s no-ones fault, that’s just life! Now get back out on the field soldier.

Nathan Williams
1 year ago

In my opinion bro, speaking from experience with long distance whilst at uni, it doesn’t work. She’s going to be in a mode where everyone is novel and exciting. At least most likely anyway. Best way is to focus on you, new experiences and exposure = meeting new people. She may realise that she has caught feelings or want to continue and if not then no loss ; there’s plenty of women in the world so keep focusing on growing and “the right one” (if you believe in shit like that) will come along. Timing is just as important as the person themselves. Hope that helps.

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