How to balance training and going out at uni?

Right lads

I recently started uni and its obviously freshers week so ive dropped off training a lot and im not sure how to balance it with going out and socialising. On one hand i want to stay training and all that however i feel like i have to go out to make friends and i feel like freshers is part of the uni experience. Pretty much the only people i met so far have been a bit younger than me and all they want to do is go out and party every night and i obviously dont want to miss out.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to overcome fear of missing out and on how to balance a healthy lifestyle at uni?


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Jacopo Tagariello
1 year ago

I’ve actually been in the same situation for a month now, so although I would probably need the same advice as you, I think I’ve managed pretty well so far, going out basically every night, training 4 times a week and studying.
What I can tell you is that everything you want to do is probably doable if you schedule your time right, so get enough sleep so you’re not sluggish and slow and plan your day the night before, (even if it’s technically already the next day).
Try adapting your training split, if you’re doing a 6 days a week for a month you could do a upper lower 4 times a week.
About the fear of missing out, usually when I fill my days with things meaningful to me I don’t get it whatsoever (meaningful may be going out itself) because you’ll know you’ve done everything you could that day.
In general, we tend to think that when we’re not there the craziest things happen, but the reality is that if you don’t go out one night, that night will probably turn out an average one for your friends, even slightly worse because you’re not there.
Finally, sometimes it’s inevitable to say no, just don’t get people used to it.
I hope it’s helpful, sorry for eventual errors English is not my first language

Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Hey mate! welcome to the forums.

I would honestly not overthink the whole situation. Uni has just started, freshers is great fun and part of the uni experience as you mentioned.

In the grand scheme of things, freshers isn’t going to effect your progress. However going out 3 times a week across the whole time whilst you’re at uni will. So don’t restrict your social life at uni for the sake of the gym. Stick to the one night per week, and moderation is going to be your best friend. Don’t go out with the intention of getting obliterated.

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