How do you surround yourself with the right people?

You are the average of the 5 people you spend your most of the time with… your environment will determine your success…     I came to a realization that my current friends are no good for me and that they are slowly changing in a bad way. And that led me to the question:
how do you actually find the right minded people near you and make a great connection with them?

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Ben Smith
1 year ago

Who said they had to be near you? Your social media exposure comes into this as well too. If you spend 3 hours a week with/talking to/texting a friend, but 10 hours a week scrolling your Instagram feed, who you follow will likely have a bigger impact.

but to answer your question more directly, network with individuals on platforms like this who may not be in your local area, be willing to venture out to meet new people, network with people at places like gyms, MMA classes, or other hobbies you have and find likeminded individuals who share your values that way.

Tom Stockton
1 year ago
Reply to  Ben Smith

Very valuable points here Ben!

Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Don’t feel bad for distancing yourself from groups you feel are not impacting you positively, you can keep them as friends, but schedule your time with them when it works for you. If they start questioning you on your goals, hobbies, passion etc, they’re not good friends.

I echo what Ben says, just get yourself into environments in which people share the similar interests/goals as you. No doubt you’ll find people there that are more experienced and successful than you.

Also remember to offer value in some way to people too no matter how small, it’s good to help out others and expect nothing in return. A lot of the time it helps to create great connections and is likely be reciprocated in some way, positive in the long run.

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