Hard Gaining

Find that I can’t get over 72kg I have small knowledge on nutrition but as a builder I have small time for food, anyone got any ideas that may help me achieve my goals? Cheers boys

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Tom Stockton
2 years ago

Hey Josh! Welcome to the Fam. So first off, I’m probably going to give you the answer you’re already expecting and that is to eat more. As you’re a builder, no doubt your daily expenditure is going to be HIGH when factoring in manual work and training in the gym.

So the barrier here seems to be time/preparation, therefore we have to make time/become more efficient. You can do this by:

  • It’s not exciting, but prepping your meals in advance. Batch cook meats & veg then portion into containers ready for work (make some room in the fridge haha) Add your choice of carbs later on when you have your meals.
  • Have regular on-the-go snacks whilst at work. Soreen bars, dried fruits such as dates, granola bars, fruit juices, protein shakes, mixed nuts, and as a last resort, mass gainers (a decent quality one preferably) These are all high calorie, easy to consume foods that require no prep.
  • Track your weight more frequently. It’s easier to make adjustments/hold yourself accountable rather than leaving it a week or two to realise you haven’t gained anything.
  • Increase simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs such as cereals, jams, white rices, honey, fruits, fruit juices etc are all fast digesting and therefore easier to consume more of. Whilst I recommend consuming plenty of complex carbs, as an active individual there’s no harm in essentially smashing down a big bowl of Cocopops pre workout and a cinnamon and raisin bagel with jam post workout to help get those carbs in.
  • Get used to eating more. Eating a more food that you’re body is used to will take some used to. Stick at it, train hard and you’ll adjust. Give it time and consistency.

Hope this helps!

Ben Smith
2 years ago

Low volume calorie dense foods are your best bet! Aim for higher fat foods like nuts/nut butters, avocados etc. Maybe swap out your leaner cuts of meat like chicken breast for chicken thighs which will have slightly higher fat (and taste fucking banging)!
Thankfully I haven’t struggled too much with this but have had friends who do who would make a smoothie in the evenings with protein, oats, fruit, olive oil and nut butter that could easily be half of my daily cutting calories!

Lou Wright
2 years ago

Hi mate had the exact same thing with my work do about 20 k steps on average a day so bulking clas had to be super high, best advice is just more cals, prioritise a shake in the morning can make a 2.5 k shake easily throw in some oats, peanut butter, honey, fruit, nuts etc. (Obvs doesn’t need to be 2.5 k) try slowly bumping up your cals till your body adjusts and starts gaining and go from there.

Théo Gandolphe
2 years ago

Hey Joshua,

a lot of valuable information has already been shared but there’s one little tip which is a game breaker for me when it comes to putting on some weight: liquid calories. Even more so as a builder who doesn’t have much time for meal preping, just making a huge shake in the morning with a bunch of healthy veggies/fruits, nuts or oats, whey, milk (whichever kind) and any other fat source you’d like to add for extra calories and throwing that in a big bottle.

That way, you can drink it throughout the day without losing time, it can be very tasty and depending on the ingredients you chose, can increase your caloric intake significantly!

Hope this helps,


Finn Clive
2 years ago

I was stuck at 70kg for a while, what helped me was always carrying around calorie dence foods like nuts, peanut butter and maybe carry around a protein shake. I recommend using full fat milk and peanut butter. This will have a ton of calories, also worth having a shot of olive oil before you go to sleep just to get those extra calories in it’s pretty grim but does the job hope this helps.

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