Any tips for training forearms I’ve put on 27kg since I started going to the gym and my Forearms have pretty much stayed the same size and it’s pretty pathetic 

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William Hobday
1 year ago

Personly I just use Hammer curls as they are good for overall arm growths, but you can specifically train with things like Dumbbell Wrist Flexion (hand facing up) and Dumbbell Wrist Extension (hand facing down), can use a barbell as well, and go to high reps near to failure to ensure good pumps and around 3-4 sets. If you don’t have any equipment at home would recommend using a backpack (filled with books or something) and it’s handle as a replacement 🤙🏼

Joshua Simpson
1 year ago

Use the cable machine, do wrist flexions while your opposing arm is rested on top to feel the activation. Watch ryan humiston videos on forearms bro 😉

Lou Wright
1 year ago

Hi Finn hope your good mate,

Personally I have never implemented any training into forearm growth myself, there are specific exercises you can take on board such as (Dumbbell wrist flexion, Dumbbell wrist extensions, Hammer curls etc). However personally I have found that a majority of my forearm growth has come from heavy Barbell pull movements,

What I would say is if you have access to a gym start doing some Deadlifts, RDL’s these movements will force your grip strength to increase and as a result will help to build up your forearms.

Find below 2 links to videos for forearm exercises the First is gym orientated the Second one you can do at home, hope this helps :).


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Sebastian Strøm
1 year ago

Besides the stuff already commented, holding heavy barbells, like doing heavy rackpulls with extra holds has worked wonders for me. Obviously alot of extra bonuses with them aswell

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