Favourite Supersets/Circuits!

Whats good RET FAM!

Wanted to get some ideas from you guys for some superset and circuit ideas, got a reasonably heavy (for me) 20kg KB for lockdown and want some fast but effective supersets to do in between work and breaks at home! I struggle to do a long 45-1hr session at home so looking to break it down with some quick and painful sets.

Peace fam

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Lou Wright
2 years ago

Sweet Gaius,

You ask and you shall receive, Find below some supersets I’ve been doing over lockdown for each body part, warning though this will result in some serious anabolic tissue.

Chest – Flat DB chest press (10/12) X Incline DB fly (10/12)
Shoulders – Standing DB OHP (10/12) X lateral raises (15)
Biceps – DB hammer curls (12/15) (slow eccentric) X DB alternating curl (10/12)
Triceps – DB kickbacks (12/15) (controlled don’t swing) X DB skull crusher (12/15)
Back – DB row (10/12) (slow controlled) X bent over DB pendlay row (10/12)
Legs – Goblet squat (15) X DB lunges (12-15)

If you don’t have access to a bench do DB floor press instead, if you got any questions or need anymore feel free to shoot me a message :).

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