DROOGS – 5 HTP & Laxogenin

Looking to supplement with 5 HTP for euphoric and better sleep quality ( nootropic purposes as well), Laxogening for muscle building properties. Has anyone used these products before and what are the benefits and side effects from using them?

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Dan Lack
1 year ago

No experience with Laxogenin.

5-HTP Anecdotally slightly improved sleep but gave a pretty moderate increase in dream vividness.
Some concerns over potential heart valve damage with long-term use as serotonin will convert peripherally. A decarboxylase inhibitor (EGCG) should prevent that and & also increase the ability to cross BBB (better absorption)

Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Hey mate! I’ve previously used 5Htp with no sides (didn’t use very long term as I only use sleep aids on prep, but definitely noticed more vivid dreams as mentioned by Dan below. Laxogening I have no experience with, but let us know if you try it out!

Alex Demirel
1 year ago

Unsure of laxogening but you could also stack 5HTP with an adaptogen like Ashwaganda for even better sleep.

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