Now that Summer has begun and places/events are slowly opening I’m wanting to make good impressions, especially when meeting new people! 

Obviously appearence is a massive factor in achieving this, so I was wanting to have a discussion about style/clothing that can help improve physical appearence and attract others. Usually I stick to basics, with black and white being the primary colours and shop online at asos/urban outiftters/END/Size? etc… 

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for clothing/style, and any brand/shop recommendations as a wardrobe overhaul is probably needed. 


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Tom Stockton
1 year ago

What’s good Cameron! we’ve actually made a video in the past regarding such a topic, so check that below as it will be more informative.

Dan Chamney
1 year ago

Zara has some banging pieces which are minimal but high quality with a good aesthetic fit i find. I’m personally into oversize clothing and that pairs really nicely with a good set of bits of jewellery, which i’ve got some sick pieces from TwoJeys and also those kinda hippy shops from your local town.

Alex Demirel
1 year ago

Less is more. Always.

Great that you already have a monochromatic wardrobe. To add to this, get yourself some nice fine, silver jewelry – Goes well with minimal, pastel-colored outfits.

When it comes to meeting people, I distinctive fragrance is always good – With here summer, go for a light, sporty, zesty scent. Versace eros is cliche but always a safe option with this.

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