body dysmorphia

Hey what’s good RET fam. Myself and many other lads I know struggle immensely with body dysmorphia. I think it’s a topic that is not brought up anywhere near enough. In many of my friends eyes I’ve achieved the sort of physique that they would dream of having. However whatever muscle I seem to put on never makes me feel happy or even satisfied about the way I look. It’s got to a point where my motivation for the gym is just to not feel skinny. I keep telling myself that I will be happy when I put x amount of muscle,  but nothing seems to change even when I do reach my goals. Does anyone have any advice on tips that have helped them.

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Tom Stockton
1 year ago

Any amount of muscle, money or anything we desire in life isn’t going to make you any happier than you were before. Hedonic treadmill, we quickly become accustomed after achieving them, taking them for granted. We always want more, it’s human nature. The quicker you can become aware of that the better. I myself am proud and happy with the physique I have built, I know I look good. But i’m also aware that I will always want more, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, I just use it as fuel to keep going for more. I would suggest spending more time reflecting on what you’ve achieved so far. As your friends have already said, you have a physique they aspire to have, so that in itself is and Indicator that you’re doing better than 99% of people out there.

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