Master This One Skill, Change Your Life

With your jaw clenched and the temperature of your neck ever so slightly increasing, you felt it. An emotion. In this case, it was anger. It’s completely justified, right? You are only human, after all. But that’s exactly why there is a better way. What separates us from animals is our ability to reason; It’s […]

Don’t Forget To Live.

You’re not getting out of this alive. So what’s the stress? Why do we feel the need to fill our schedule with productivity all the time? Western society encourages us to work longer hours whilst boasting about it. And if you don’t, you feel lazy and unworthy of happiness & leisure time. If we are […]

You’re Not Ugly. Just Ignorant.

If you consider yourself ugly, not all is lost. I myself have gone from a solid 9.5 to a perfect 10 by focusing on these few key areas that you can start making changes to pretty much immediately. But why should you care? isn’t it ‘It’s what inside that counts’? Bullshit. ‘That’s just something ugly […]

Don’t Be Yourself

It’s Monday morning. You’ve been preparing all weekend for what many dread – A job interview. You ask your friends for guidance. What’s their all-common response? ‘Just be yourself’ – A platitude that initially sounds like solid advice, but as you’re about to find out only hinders your ability to progress in life. Being yourself […]

A Psychological Hack For Better Conversations

Have you ever been in a conversation with what feels like deriving blood from a stone? The flow of the talk is rigid with closed question. The silence between every exchange becomes increasingly tense. How can you solve this? The answer is weird yet simple – Say the wrong thing. But why does this work? […]

Get Out of Your Rut

You lack meaning. You don’t like you who you are; what you’ve become. You’re living the same day, day in day out. You my friend, are in a rut. This sucks. But what good does beating yourself up do about it? Everybody experiences ruts, but what differentiates people is how quickly they recognize they’re in […]

2 Life-Changing Habits

These habits that you’re about to discover, you in fact already know of. The answer to your life’s struggles has been under your nose the entire time. Only the reason you’ve never noticed is because it’s not been made apparent just how powerful these habits can be. So my aim is to really drill home […]

How To Overcome Any Insecurity

I started writing this article as a guide to tackling hair loss as a young lad. When writing the introduction I went off on a massive tangent and what you’re reading was born. I feel it is very important and can serve a lot of value BUT if you want the original draft as well, […]

Why You Should Cut Caffeine.

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You Are a Slave

Picture this: You’re in a queue. You stand there patiently waiting for the line to go down, but for what feels like minutes, has in fact been only mere seconds. This is painful. And so In a split second, you make the automatic decision to reach in to your pants and pull out your 5.5 […]